Best Mobile Phone under 20000

People these days are concerned about getting the best possible facilities in their lives. One of the essential facilities in people’s lives is the usage of telephones and mobile phones. People like to understand that technology is dynamic. Therefore, they must not leave any opportunity to avail of this new technology by buying the Latest mobile phone model.

Top 5 list for the smartphones in the year 2021

Here is a list of the top 5 products that you can shop for in 2021. These phones belong to the flagship brands and offer you the perfect features to enjoy:

Redmi Note 9 Max Pro

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This is one of the most efficient mobile phone models available at an extremely reasonable price. It has an excellent camera and also records videos in Ultra HD mode. It comes with a dual SIM option and, at the same point in time, allows people to have an additional amount of cloud storage in the form of different software applications which are exclusive to this model. 

  • This mobile phone model has gained a huge amount of popularity for being extremely pocket-friendly because the cost of this model is only 16000. 
  • This mobile phone can also be availed in EMI options from the required banking companies. The quality of the sound is amazing, and the battery life is also perfect. 
  • In total, it is a perfect handset at the most reasonable price.

Samsung M30

This is the new version of Samsung, which is available in the market in an affordable variant. It offers a super HD display in addition to an enhanced amount of clarity during Daylight. At the same point in time, this mobile phone comes in different colors like blue, black and white. 

  • The camera of this mobile phone is perfect and can record distinct videos with at most amount of clarity. 
  • It has a huge amount of storage facility and is known for having a great internal storage capacity. 
  • This phone facility leaves no stone unturned to garner the maximum amount of efficiency in operating the mobile phone. 

Redmi Note 10 Pro

This is the most recent mobile phone model, which is available under the price cap of 20000. This mobile phone is also known for providing all the latest features and a considerable amount of otherwise available inexpensive phone sensors. 

  • It has four cameras that can generate the maximum amount of clarity in the minimum possible time.  
  • The performance of this mobile phone is extremely great, and at the same point in time, it is pretty amazing to deal with. 
  • The mobile phone is the best choice for a middle man to fulfill all his Desire. 

Realmi Note C2


This is one of the latest quality of mobile phones which is available in the market. The mobile phone is able to offer some of the latest features in the market. It offers a fabulous camera in addition to unlimited hours of recording. It also has a great calling experience.

  • This mobile phone has an inbuilt storage capacity which can further be extended upto 128 GB. 
  • The CPU of the mobile phone is extremely amazing.
  •  it does not lag at any moment and provides a wonderful experience to the operator.

Samsung Galaxy J7

This is another type of mobile phone model which is launched by Samsung in order to meet the needs of that section of society which cannot afford expensive mobile phones. Mobile phones come in a variety of options. The users are extremely satisfied with the mobile phone because it offers amazing features at such a reasonable price.

  • It has an ultra HD camera which allows a wonderful recording.
  • It also has a multi-panel tasking option which allows the corporate people to work effectively and efficiently even on the mobile phone without a laptop.
  • In addition, it has the best screen display.


Therefore in such a situation, it becomes essential to make a proper choice by understanding the features of the different mobile phones because wasting money on technology is not a wise decision to make at such a hard financial time. Hence in such a situation, the consumer should be well conversant with the Latest features in mobiles available in the market and accordingly satisfy his demands.

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