The 5 Best Mobile Phones under 15000

A person can live without water these days. However, he cannot live without a mobile phone these days. Mobile phones have become one of the essential parts and parcels of the life of the person. It is the reason that people usually don’t give a second thought while spending money on mobile phones. However, not every person is in the capacity to spend so much money on phones.

It is because mobile phones these days offer maximum facilities at the minimum cost. Therefore, it is wise to buy a mobile phone with ultimate features at a reasonable price. 

The list of best 5 mobile phones under 15000 to buy

The list of the mobile phones under Rs. 15000 has been provided as under. This list will help you choose the best mobile phone variant with the best features without spending much money. The list is provided as follows:

1. Samsung Galaxy M31

If you are searching for an attractive phone under the range of Rs. 15000, then this phone leaves no stone unturned to amaze you. The beautiful carbon body comes in different types of colours like blue, grey, and black. The screen display is pretty impressive. It offers a High-Definition screen resolution with dual cameras. The sound quality of the phone is astounding. It provides a fantastic gaming experience as well.

2. Samsung Galaxy F41

Another Samsung galaxy phone comes at a highly reasonable price only to serve you. This is pretty amazing in its sleek look. It has three audio bars, which provides a booming sound effect. The battery backup of the phone is long-lasting. It has an ultra-definition camera. It has good quality video gaming platforms. At the same time, it offers dual sim slots. It has a huge RAM, and the memory capacity of the phone could also be extended.

3. Redmi Note 10

The latest in the line is the all-new Redmi Note 10. This power-packed phone offers quad cameras with 108 Megapixels. The sound quality of the phone is fantastic. It also provides smooth video playback. It has a huge memory space for storing everything you have with you. The phone could be subjected to all the latest updates in the minimum time. 

4. Redmi Note 9 Pro

This is the best quality phone which is available in the marketplace. The phone offers a fantastic display with light-adjusting sensors. It could be easily synced with projectors and other cloud devices. It has an octa-core processor, which is powered by snapdragon. The phone is truly a value for money.

5. Realme 7

Image source: Realme 7

This is another phone in the category of 15k phones. This comes with a brilliant super amoled screen. It has touch sensors that try to boost the functioning of the phone. The mobile offers many additional features. It allows the creation of a second space in the already existing memory of the phone. The camera quality is also amazing.


Therefore, with this, the list ends. The article has been in the position to enlighten the viewers about the best phones in the market. The ultimate decision lies with the customer.

If still you feel you have the budget to try on the better options then you must have a look at our List for Rs 20000 mobiles as well.

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