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OnePlus 3 USB port

OnePlus has made its mark in very short period of time. It has created enough buzz in the market as one of the most awaited smartphones in the world. All of it is done with a mere total of four smartphones. It offers flagship smartphone experience at a price which isn’t close to flagship level.

Previous OnePlus smartphone came with great performance but fell short in the area of design, battery and camera aspects. The OnePlux X remains to be the most affordable phone from OnePlus, but it does suffer from build quality to the camera.

OnePlus 3 has been launched at a striking price of Rs. 27,999 which challenges the set conventions of flagship phone pricing. It does take a stiff competition with the phones such as Xiaomi Mi5. Mentioned below are the major features of OnePlus 3 that clear the clout behind this smartphone.


With plastic rear panel along with sandstone finish going out of the window, the cold, hard aluminum has taken its place. It is a unibody with dull metallic finishing and reminds a bit of HTC One m9. This recent smartphone from OnePlus us quite beautiful and well-built which earns its mark in the market.

With Corning Gorilla Glass 4 usage covering the curves at the edge of the screen, it provides protection against any sort of accidental damage and scratches. In front, it has capacitive buttons on both sides. These buttons are invisible and can be seen once the small backlight is activated whenever these buttons are touched.

OnePlus 3 USB port
OnePlus 3 USB port

The fingerprint sensor comes with huge improvements when compared with OnePlus 2. It unlocks the phone just from standby mode without any need to wake up the device. The sensor is quite accurate and registers even the gentle tap of the sensor. It can store up to five fingerprints, and the sensor can also be used to authorizing purchases and provide control over few apps. The sides of the phone are well-formed. It comes with volume buttons on the left along with power button and dual-SIM tray on the right side of the phone. It has speaker and USB type-C port along with 3.55 mm socket present at the bottom. Its primary camera does bulges out a little bit, and it can be damaged in case you use the phone without any protection case.

The OnePlus 3 comes with same display size and resolution as the former OnePlus smartphones, with a 5.5-inch screen offering 1080×1920 pixel screen along with a pixel density of 401ppi. This time, OnePlus has gone with AMOLED screen. It provides a sharp screen with providing you excellent picture.


It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC clocked at 2.2GHz for 2 cores and 1.6 GHz for other two cores. It has 6GB of LPDRR4 RAM and comes with 64GB of internal storage. However, the internal storage is non-expandable. It has dual-SIM 4G connectivity along with support for both FDD Band 3 and TDD- Band 40, Wi-Fi. It has Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC. It comes with a non-removable battery of 3000 mAh. It offers 20W Dash Charger which can charge the phone up to 60 percent within 30 minutes.

OnePlus 3 phone, charger and pacaget
OnePlus 3

The phone doesn’t heat up too much when it is charging. The charging and connectivity are via a USB 2.0 Type-C port along with a cable coming in the box which provides ordinary connectivity with most of the computers.


When it comes to software, this phone is powered by OxygenOS 3.1.1 based on Android 6.0.1. This OS is visually and also functionally, quite similar with Android Marshmallow along with some additional features. Oxygen OS allows you to quickly unlock the bootloader which hence allows you to root your device.

The most important key feature of the system is called Shelf, which can be duly accessed by swiping right on the home screen. It provides quick information about weather info, frequently used apps, contacts, and widgets. Its setting menu provides you with access to adaptive brightness along with color temperature settings, the ambient display and much more.


OnePlus 3’s primary camera us a 16MP Sony IMX 298 sensor with 8MP sensor as the front camera. The rear camera can easily shoot video at up to 4K and also take slow motion video at 120fps. The front camera can shoot at up to 1080p at 30 fps. The rear camera comes with varied features such as optical image stabilizations, phase detection autofocus along with support for RAW image format.

When you are shooting stills, you can change to different aspect ratio and can even toggle the self-timer. It also comes with small controls for flash, HD shooting, HDR mode and the camera switcher. It is quite easy to use and also quite simple.

The camera is good while shooting outdoors in good light providing images which are sharp and detailed. However, you can notice little noise and grain. The colors are quite vibrant, and the images look bright and good. However, the Autofocus is quite slow, but once it locks on to any subject, the images are well-composed and rendered properly. The Optical and electronic stabilisation help in creating good stills and videos.

Its videos are great and detailed even when taking a full-HD resolution. You can go for 4K video. Slow motion and time lapse modes create great results.


When it comes to playing games or browsing websites, from starting any apps to taking images, everything is spot on. It works well, all due to 6GB of RAM. There are no delay or loading times, and absence of heat issues and performance throttling makes it a powerful smartphone.

The reception of mobile networks is quite well. It manages to hold on to strong 4G and even Wi-Fi connectivity. The call quality is particularly decent, and the presence of dual-microphone makes voice transmission in great quality. Its battery is quite fascinating even in tough usage.


OnePlus has managed to hit the nail on everything with OnePlus 3. This smartphone performs great in every department. It has fixed its issues with reliability and build quality. With great fingerprint sensor, NFC and stunning AMOLED screen and fast charging, this phone covers all the aspect. That doesn’t mean that OnePlus 3 has no drawbacks.

People may thing that 64 GB of internal storage is sufficient, but there are a lot of people who wish to have storage which can be expanded. Its single speaker is not up to mark and quite weak. There are few file format recognition issues which prevent running videos and audio files.

The picture taken in low light aren’t good as expected. But with other features and price at Rs. 27,999, this phone is a true “flagship” killer.

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