Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 remains to be the final offering of Samsung’s flagship smartphone line. It comes with various improved features and significant changes from previous stylus phone, Galaxy Note 4. It has appeared with major upgrades from Galaxy Note 4 which are mentioned below.


In the aesthetics department, Galaxy Note 5 have been crafted keeping the build of other stylus-free models from Samsung. The phone looks quite premium and gives serious competition to both HTCs and Apple smartphones. It comes with 7000-series aluminum along with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. This makes the phone quite sturdy. Its build is easy to hold, and this phone won’t be slipping from your hands. The power and volume buttons are placed perfectly.


Its front is 5.7-inch QHD SuperAMOLED display with punchy colors and sharp texts. The Nano-SIM tray is situated at the top while headset socket Micro-USB port along with speakers and the S Pen are positioned at the bottom. Taking out the stylus is easier to do. It has 16 MP camera and LED flash along with heartrate sensor. It comes with octa-core Exynos 7420 processor from Samsung along with 4GB of RAM which makes this phone usage quite smooth. The stylus is made of plastic and the metallic finish around the main button gives it a polished look. The pressure sensitivity is quite phenomenal making it a great tool for artists.


In the performance department, the results are fantastic. With a slick interface, it runs heavy apps and games with ease. Its processor is better than Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC which is used in other phones and Galaxy Note 4. However, the gaming can make this phone warm and can be quite uncomfortable in case of longer use.

The volume of the speaker is crystal clear and loud. Positioning the speaker grille in the bottom doesn’t lead to muffling of sound like before when the speaker used to be at behind the surface.


It has 16 MP camera which is quite good. Images that are taken where quite good even in the low-light which also mean that you can easily take long exposure shots without any worry or compromise on the quality of the image.

While running video loop test, it lasted for over 16 hours which is quite phenomenal battery backup. In case you are a regular user then you won’t have any problem with the power, and you can work on it for long hours without any charging.


Priced at Rs 53,900, the 32 GB version of this phone is better than the curved-screen model from the Samsung. In case you are searching for a phone with a stylus, then this phone is quite perfect. Should you switch from Note 4 to Note 5? well, that depends on you, especially because even with a better processor, aluminum finish, and improved S-pen features, Note 5 doesn’t come with few important features. It doesn’t have IR blaster, and its battery is a bit small. Along with this, you have to be extra careful while placing S Pen.

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