Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

When it comes to Samsung’s image in the market, it has lost its sheen, especially regarding to-end Galaxy S range. Under heavy pressure ever witnessed by the company, it has gone a major reinvention. There is no longer use of plastic, and it now comes with slick aluminum. The TouchWiz skin has been opted out along with various settings and features which are generally not used by the user, its software has become more restrained.

Seeing Samsung Galaxy S6 first time and reviewing it, we have found out various details of this phone. It is the flagship model of this year from Samsung. Mentioned below are its details along with our verdict on this phone.


Since Samsung has been experimenting with metal bodies, it must not be a great surprise when its flagship model comes with an aluminum trim. When it comes to design, Galaxy S6 does catch our eye. The front and back of the smartphone is flat glass along with a metal rim which slight curve which fits in your palm graciously. The power button and Nano-SIM tray are on the right side of the phone while the two volume buttons are placed on the left side. On the top, it has IR emitter along with a secondary mic. It has a speaker, Micro-USB port and the headset socket placed at the button. The home button comes with an integrated fingerprint reader.

There is no space for microSD card slot which means you have to stick to the storage capacity that comes with this phone and can’t add any external storage device. The major drawback of its design is that it is quite slippery. The camera module also sticks out in rear part which can be slightly annoying.


Samsung has put its own Exynos procession in all of its global versions instead of going with processors from Qualcomm. The Exynos 7420 SoC comes with four 1.5GHz ARM Cortex A53 cores along with four 2.1 GHz A57 cores. It also has 3GB of RAM which is quite standard in most of the top end phones. Its screen comes with QHD resolution with is 1440×2560 pixel. It has a screen size of 5.1-inch, and it is quite easy to handle this phone, and the screen is crisp and bright along with Gorilla Glass 4 protection.

Its Home Button is integrated with a fingerprint sensor where you have to touch it, rather than swiping over it. It also has a heart rate sensor on its rear.


This phone might have few things which you wouldn’t have used, so Samsung has kept that out by disabling them like Flipboard-style news reader which as the left of the primary home screen and comes with the ability to run two different apps at the same instant in a split-screen mode. It comes with quick settings and notifications which are quite useful. This phone comes with a Themes app along with an associated online store where you can easy find and download different packs to give your phone’s UI a completely different change. With the inclusion of Microsoft apps and services, it remains the biggest story so far.


Talking about camera department, Galaxy S6 performs quite well. You will be amazed at the image quality of the snaps you take along with accurate little details which are quite subtle. When it comes to Daylight shots, they are brilliant. Close-ups of the camera produce fine textures with colors popping out in intricate details.

You will feel satisfied with the compression of the pics and the noise levels, even in the case of low light. Its ambient lighting does make a significant difference to its accuracy of color of the images. However, its autofocus isn’t reliable at night, but you still be impressed with the quality of the images.

The 4K video is quite impressive. It shoots videos in 1080p resolution especially in case you buy 32 GB version. The massive grid of features is now replaced with fewer options on the screen. In its manual mode, the user can drag sliders to adjust the exposure compensation along with focus.


The Exynos processors are quite capable and can give serious competition to the phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processors. It got great scores in various tests done on it. It also received more points than Galaxy S5 achieved in these tests. Its battery worked for around 12 hours in case of video loop test. This means that this phone can withstand heavy usage and still remained charged for longer durations. The phone quickly charges which is one of its great features.


This phone from Samsung does make a good impression on us and will definitely satisfy its users with its great features. This phone still keeps the style and won’t feel ugly. However, its camera can be disappointing for many. If you are looking for a decent phone with great features, then this phone will certainly satisfy your requirements.

So, with this, we end our review of Samsung Galaxy S6. Try out this phone and tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

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