Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

Are you looking for a great smartphone? What do you want? A smartphone with great camera, with stupendous battery, expandable storage along with eye-grabbing design and great specifications, then Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a perfect choice. This phone is better than fantastic Galaxy S7 with a better and bigger battery along with wraparound design on both sides which will always grab your attention.

Everything about this 5.5-inch S7 Edge is great phone both from inside and outside. With refined navigation software which dressed up, its screen’s physical curves. However, it does have some drawbacks as there is nothing called a perfect and flawless device. This smartphone is something which defies the odds but still has some negative points.

However, this phone is quite larger and sleeker than its predecessors. Samsung has done quite a lot to make the secondary menu bar quite useful by making icons a tad bigger and there are lots of information which you can show there. It comes with a shortcut to your frequently used apps and tasks.


It has a speed dial to your favorite contacts, along with an optional pane of news stories and sports related scores, and a tool to launch flashlight and the ruler. These are few of the handy options which you may use a little.

Considering the price of Edge in competition with S7, it is higher but it justifies its costs. Its design and shape are enough reasons to pick this phone. In case you buy this phone by instalments, then the extra cost can be spread out and even if you wish to pay all at one time, the price difference won’t matter as you may end up using this phone for next two years.

Having said that, you won’t be making any mistake by buying this phone instead of more wallet-friendly phones such as Google Nexus 6P or the Samsung Galaxy S7. In case you want to go with the most stylish phone, then this phone is a perfect choice. This phone starts at price of $750

Navigating the Edge

When it comes to opting edge display navigation from any of the screen, you can do it quite easily without any requirement to go to the start screen that you may have to do with other phones. This is quite an easy way to reach to your favorite contact and even the most-used app.

At first, it is quite great to hit the nine-tab ceiling and try almost all of them but you will definitely realize that it wastes a lot of time while you get confused which pane you want to have rather than finding the right one from the home screen itself, at the first place. However, three or four add-ons gets you to the right spot.

Great battery back-up and Bigger Size

Its battery life is quite great as during our test, it measures a video playback time of over 20 hours on average, which is more than the already astonishing 16-hour average of S7. You can expect battery life for an entire day with one single charge and utilize it even with hitting streaming and navigation quite hard.

This device is quite solid and a heavy device, but you won’t realize it that much. However, you do have to buy a glass screen protector and a case for the protection but that isn’t an annoying addition as all the phone do require additional protection. This 5.5-inch screen phone is quite manageable than other larger-than-average phone such as iPhone 6S Plus and likes of it.


Most of the people prefer larger screen and few of them will complain of issues like accidentally tapping the screen while simply holding it in order to watch a video.

However, the Edge’s screen picture is not that sharp as it is with S7’s since it has a same number of pixels with a larger display but you won’t notice the difference as the screen looks quite astounding and stunning.

Small Drawbacks

With all these great features like 12 MP camera, smoother processor, etc. it does have some drawbacks such as plastic-appearing selfies, finger grease on the screen which needs to be wiped frequently along with a non-removable battery.

With this, we end our review on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If you find this review quite helpful especially to make your decision easier to purchase this device, then do let us know.

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